spring dream

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Gewicht: 120 g
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Material: 50% Baumwolle / 50 % Polyacryl

Art: Farbverlaufsgarn, Bobbel Wolle, Bobbel, gefacht

Enthaltene Farben:

Erfahre mehr zur empfohlenen Nadelstärke und dem Materialverbrauch unserer Bobbel.

This beautiful bobble with the delicate colors is really a dream and finally available again from us! The color gradient goes very well with spring and is reminiscent of a meadow full of colorful spring flowers. As always, there are no limits to creativity and the yarn is suitable for shawls, summer ponchos, delicate tunics or light and airy summer sweaters. If you don't like to do arithmetic, you can simply use a single-colored yarn and e.g. knit the sleeves in one color. Otherwise, the famous RVO (raglan from above) is always a good choice, because you can easily add a single-colored yarn to it - simply continue knitting with the last color of the bobble in a single color. A good example of this is our pattern for the "Frozen" sweater, which is also available in our shop. This knitting principle works with any yarn size.
A big advantage of our yarns is that they can be machine washed at 30°. To dry, simply smooth out a little and pluck into shape. Because the yarn is very light, it does not sag or warp. This is also due to the composition of the material, which is 50% cotton and 50% polyacrylic.
It is therefore also wonderfully suitable for allergy sufferers or babies, because it is very comfortable to wear and does not scratch a bit.
Since the color gradients are knotted by hand, mini knots are created that can simply be knitted or crocheted over. Simply twist the thread a little in front of and behind the knot and it becomes completely invisible and cannot unravel.
A tip for knitting or crocheting: it is best to use knitting or crocheting hooks that are not are quite sharp enough not to poke between the threads so easily. We tried many brands and finally ended up with the products from the Addi company, where the tips are slightly rounded, making work easier. These products are also available in our shop.

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