Hello dear visitor.

We are very happy that you found our site, and of course we hope that you like one of our gradient yarns.

Our journey into the world of gradient yarn began in 2015 when I, Birgit Wyss, started making my gradient yarn for various markets. Since I paid attention to the very high quality of the yarns, I was able to quickly make a name for myself and was often asked if my gradient yarn could also be bought online.

After consulting my son, who works in online trading, we dared to start our adventure online shop. We started in 2016 with our small shop for our own brand - Schwarzwaldgarne.

In 2017 we decided to rename our project in Birgit's Wollmarkt and our products (because of a move) in Chiemseegarne.

Well, in 2018 we finally decided to improve our shop again and to go with our own website www.chiemseegarn.de, a new, modern and, above all, wonderful way to present our handmade gradient yarns even better.

Of course we hope that you like our site and are always there to help you with questions or problems.

Your Chiemseegarne team <3