coniferous forest

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Gewicht: 160 g
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Material: 50% Baumwolle / 50 % Polyacryl

Art: Farbverlaufsgarn, Bobbel Wolle, Bobbel, gefacht

Enthaltene Farben:

Erfahre mehr zur empfohlenen Nadelstärke und dem Materialverbrauch unserer Bobbel.

Here shades of green were captured and wrapped into a special bobble. Wouldn't that be a great summer sweater - maybe combined with a plain yarn? It can already be included in the colors or it can represent a contrast.

In this category, the colors do not come one after the other as with the usual color gradient bobbles, but in parallel. This saves the calculation and the question of whether the color gradient will work.

Due to the material made of 50% cotton and 50% polyacrylic, the yarn is ideal for baby and children's clothing and also for allergy sufferers. But also for everyone else because it is wonderfully soft, keeps its shape and can be machine washed.

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