peasant dirndl

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Material: 50% Baumwolle / 50 % Polyacryl

Art: Farbverlaufsgarn, Bobbel Wolle, Bobbel, gefacht

Enthaltene Farben:

Erfahre mehr zur empfohlenen Nadelstärke und dem Materialverbrauch unserer Bobbel.

His dirndls are just as beautiful, colorful and versatile as our Bavarians. For the non-Bavarians: a dirndl is both the traditional costume and the usual expression for a girl! The feminine side of the Bavarian costume is particularly evident in this expressive color gradient yarn with its delicate pink. We created this Bobbel and imagined, for example, a simple cloth in a trendy country house style or an enchanting stole. This can then be used as a small suggestion to spice up a simple jeans look in a traditional way.
Of course, the yarn can also be used for many other handicraft ideas, such as loops, tunics, etc. As always, there are no limits to your imagination! Raglan sweaters or jackets are always easy to implement with this type of yarn, since you can avoid some of the difficulties of working with gradient yarns. The difficulties lie in the calculation of the individual parts in relation to the colors. A "normal" pullover is difficult to make because you only use a part of the colors in the front and back as well as the sleeves. The others don't "turn" at all in the corresponding part. But that could possibly also be attractive and makes each finished piece an attractive one-off. We'll definitely try it out and we're excited to see what comes out of this experiment!
It's always exciting to work with two very different bobbles - whether they're two multi-colored or one multi-colored and one single-colored. There are always great effects and amazing results.
The material is extremely comfortable to wear and care for because you can simply put it in the washing machine at 30° and lay it out to dry and pluck it into shape. Allergy sufferers can also be happy because the cotton-acrylic mixture is completely unproblematic. Due to its soft texture, the yarn is also ideal for babies and toddlers and does not scratch even very sensitive people.

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