Bobbel box with gradient yarns

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The bobble box consists of 9 small 4-ply bobbles - there are 3 different sizes for the box:

The material consists of 50% cotton and 50% polyacrylic, a total of 1,200 m, 2,400m or 3,600m.

We have come up with something very special for you, with which you can easily bypass some of the difficulties that inevitably arise with normal gradient yarns.

Each color section consists of its own bobble, so that the individual color gradients can be processed in a targeted manner and not just come directly from a ball.

This is particularly interesting for smaller jobs such as children's clothing, hats, gauntlets or even socks (you can use it for socks, but it is not an explicit sock yarn!), where otherwise the complete color gradient of a bobble is not processed at all may due to the run length. With our own bobbles for the individual color gradients, these can be used in a targeted manner.

Other possible uses are cloths, with which patterns can be worked in strips of the same width.

Shortened rows can be targeted with the desired color The desired colors can be used specifically when working on ceilings, for example other colors or contrasting colors our bobble box is easy to handle.

For tops such as tunics and pullovers, the front and back can be worked exactly the same, which would otherwise be difficult, because 1. it is difficult, if not almost impossible, the Calculate the exact required run length in advance and 2. 2 identical bobbles are never 100% identical.

With our bobble box, the desired color gradient can also be used several times in a project earth, one touch to the desired color is enough!

The palette of colors and thread sizes will be continuously expanded - as always, we are happy to express color requests! We are also happy to wrap (at no extra charge) in the colors of your choice!

You can of course reorder certain Bobbels in a Bobbelkiste or other lengths! gladly!

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