Advent calendar / bobble calendar 2020

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Material: 50% Baumwolle / 50 % Polyacryl

Art: Bobbel Wolle, Bobbel, gefacht

Erfahre mehr zur empfohlenen Nadelstärke und dem Materialverbrauch unserer Bobbel.

Here is a detailed explanation:

This is how our advent calendar works:

With this package you get the second edition of our special advent calendar - the bobble calendar! Click here for the 2019 advent calendar. The principle is easy to understand: every day the next knot is crocheted or knitted and another "secret" color is added every day. It's the colors of Christmas...

Of course, the box must remain tightly closed (it is delivered sealed!) and the box is practically used for work. The Bobbel is worked in such a way that you can work a little bit every day and on 24.12. so Christmas Eve, holding your finished work in your hands.

What's in the advent calendar?

The small calendar contains 1,000 m 6-ply gradient yarn in the small version and 1,500 m in the large version.

The calendar is available in two different sizes. This calendar is designed in such a way that e.g. 4 placemats in the small and 6 placemats in the large calendar can be crocheted or knitted. There are suggestions for instructions to choose from, which can already be found in the files of our Facebook group "Chiemseegarn - Handwerk mit Herz"! Of course you can also work something else if you like, like a tablecloth, a cloth or a loop! The instructions are similar in nature, but of course taste decides. We don't want to reveal more now!

The calendar should ideally be started on the 1st of Advent. If you order by November 15th, 2021, your goods will be sent by November 30th, 2021 at the latest and should normally arrive the next day. Of course, we'll do our best to send all calendars as quickly as possible afterwards.

The calendars will not be sent out until mid-October.

As a reward for the completion, there are a few small surprises, which then go to the It will appear when the box can be opened completely.

We used a 3 1/2 needle for crocheting and knitting, but of course that's up to you! As always, it depends on how someone crochet or knit and whether the sets should be tighter or looser. But that can be tried out on the first day. (The needle is not included in the product!)

We would be very happy if you would share the result in our Facebook group and of course join if you haven't already done so.

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