In this article we want to answer the question as briefly as possible: What is Bobbel Wolle? But the answer to this question is not that simple, because in fact Bobbel Wolle is a term that is not in Duden and is more colloquial for gradient yarns and established hand-drawn yarns.

So Bobbel wool is gradient yarn?

Yes and no. Bobbel wool is not only used today as an expression for color gradient yarns, but above all for hand-drawn yarns that have been wound with a so-called winder (also known as a hand winder).

In the so-called winding process, several threads are entangled side by side to form a plied yarn. Whether this has a color gradient, like our gradient yarns , or whether it is single-colored bobbles , doesn't really matter. In this picture you can see a stretched bobble on a wool winder:

Aufgespannter Bobbel auf einem Wollwickler

The cylindrical shape that is created around the winder due to the winding technique is typical of Bobbel. For example our Bobbel berry basket:

For comparison, here is a single-colored bobble to make the difference clear:

We hope we were able to answer the question of what bobbel wool is and why not only gradient yarns are called bobbel wool with this short explanation.

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