What actually is a gradient yarn?

Regardless of whether gradient wool, gradient yarn or bobble with gradient. A gradient yarn is a bobble made up of several threads connected by fine knots . The threads are then wound in the desired thickness, depending on how much thread you order your bobble. This then creates a beautiful gradient yarn, also known as a bobbel with a gradient. We always try to make every single bobble unique so that every bobble becomes something very special.

How do I order a gradient yarn?

To make shopping in our shop as easy as possible for you, we have prepared various bobble and gradient yarns in our range for you. All of our products are basically 3 - 8 threads and in lengths between 600 and 1200 linear meters. Of course, you can also register your own ideas or wishes for your own personal gradient yarn with us at any time - of course without registering. You can contact us by email , Facebook or by phone to exactly the desired winding order that you would like to have. We will then create the desired article for you and pack your shopping cart - without incurring any additional costs! Regardless of whether you are looking for a bobble with 100g, 200g or 500g, you are guaranteed to find it with us.

Can I also crochet with gradient yarn?

Of course you can crochet as well as knit with each of our bobbles. Traditionally, our gradient yarns are suitable for both, because as thin yarn, for example 4-ply, they have more of the properties of a lace yarn, but can also be used with a higher number of threads than thicker crochet yarn. In general, our gradient yarn is very versatile . You can use it both as lace yarn for towels and as sock yarn for socks. And otherwise there are no limits to your creativity. No matter whether you want to knit an elegant top as a lady, or you want a thick loop for the winter. With our gradient yarn you are on the safe side , because you can order every Bobbel as you need it. And matching knitting instructions are also available from us.

What are our bobbles made of?

Our bobbles are made of 50% cotton and 50% polyacrylic . This makes our gradient yarn very resistant, tear-resistant and absorbent . And as a big plus that everything is extremely comfortable to wear. Of course there are also other variants of gradient wool, such as bobble made of merino. However, we want to concentrate with our offer on offering you all possible colors and color gradients as usual until we dedicate ourselves to a new product. We have even had bobbles made of merino before, but there was a problem with various EU directives that made life difficult for us. We have therefore decided to only offer these again as soon as we can be sure that we will no longer have any problems with gradient yarn made of merino.

How long do I have to wait for my Bobbel?

After you have added your Bobbel to your shopping cart and paid for, everything goes very quickly. Your personal gradient yarn will be handmade by us and made ready for shipping. Your Bobbel will then usually be shipped within 1 - 3 days. The fact that the shipping sometimes only takes place after 3 days is due to the fact that we only produce each gradient yarn when you have ordered it. If many knitters buy a yarn at the same time, it can take a while.But not longer than 3 days! After that, every Bobbel is guaranteed to be ready for dispatch and will be sent

Collections from 2016 and 2017.

No matter if April or May, 2016 or 2017. We always have new Bobbel waiting to be shipped. Since we constantly have new ideas for the next color gradient, the even more beautiful bobble, the more unusual colors and the even more unique gradient yarn, we are constantly expanding our categories with even more articles. After all, the knitting lady or gentleman always wants to be kept busy with new ideas. In 2017, for example, we created 30 new bobbles for you. Each bobbel with a unique color gradient. Of course, we hope that you will enable us to continue to be creative by diligently packing our bobbles waiting for shipping into your shopping cart.

Gradient yarn as sock yarn?

In order to use our Bobbel for sock yarn, a few things have to be considered, especially when winding the gradient yarns. In the near future we are trying to offer sets with which you can also use our yarns as sock yarn. If you already want sock yarn made from a Chiemseegarn or Black Forest yarn , you have to Write us a short message on Facebook or by email and we will prepare everything for you so that you get sock yarn that is very special.

Shipping costs when the shopping cart is full?

Of course,

doesn't exist with us. From 39 € that you have in your shopping cart, you no longer have to pay shipping costs . A real plus for hardworking knitters. For orders that are smaller, we unfortunately have to charge the shipping costs, otherwise we would not be able to keep our low prices. Of course the VAT counts. to the 39 €.

Do you need help?

We can of course also serve you with that. On Facebook we have a creative group in which thousands of knitters lively exchange ideas about works made from our gradient yarn, about our bobbles or about knitting instructions and other creative ideas. No matter whether you need help with choosing the right bobble, the right run length or choosing between a 3 or 4 ply yarn. Our creative group on Facebook is guaranteed to help you. You can see that knitting and Facebook get along very well from the fact that dozens of new and beautiful works made from our gradient yarn are posted in our creative group every day. We are a real community, whether for ideas, help or information about offers and promotions.

Other important information.

Of course there is further information in our shop that has nothing to do with our gradient yarn or the shopping cart, such as the data protection declaration Or the Imprint . Simply click on one of the words and you will immediately find all the information that is important to you.