Where can I buy gradient yarn in Germany?

There are many creative options, such as knitting a sweater, a scarf to turn down, a summer scarf, a crochet poncho or a traditional jacket for children.

In this blog post I will explain to you in which stores and internet shops you can buy good gradient yarn in Germany. Here you will find many useful tips and ideas on what to look out for when buying yarn and what options there are for you.

1. I can buy gradient yarn in these shops in Germany

In Germany you will find many shops where you can buy high quality gradient yarn. There are also numerous internet shops that sell good gradient yarn.

Well-known providers are hobbii.de, Amazon.de, garnmanufaktur.com, bobbel-scheune.de, farbgangsgarne.de, etc.

2. You can find gradient yarn

in these specialist shops

There are handicraft shops in many German cities. These count towards retail. You will find a wide range of gradient yarns in these stores. Very often wool is offered in beautiful color combinations.

Many stores offer a wide variety of yarns and fast delivery for their customers. Most handicraft shops also offer online shops, where you can also order your gradient yarn.

You will find handicraft shops in different sizes, there are small and cozy handicraft shops with personal advice on site. Here you can get information about gradient yarns and get tips on what you can knit or crochet with these yarns.

But there are also large handicraft markets with a shopping area of ​​more than 850 square meters. There you will often find a very large selection of gradient yarns.

In the large handicraft markets you will also find numerous inexpensive special items! A trained specialist will support you on site. Larger handicraft shops offer fashion shows or creative workshops for their customers. There you can of course also exchange ideas on the topic of gradient yarn.

There is the possibility of looking at the gradient yarns on site and then selecting and ordering the yarns online. Large supermarkets such as Real or Galerie Kaufhof also offer gradient yarns. Here you can find the yarn you want in the handicraft department.

3. You can buy gradient yarn at these craft markets and creative markets

You can also buy gradient yarns at craft markets or creative markets. There are craft markets in many German cities, such as Bad Berneck, Heidenheim, Schwarzenbach a. d. Saale, etc. Very often wool and gradient yarns are offered to visitors here.

A well-known creative market is the creative market in Leipzig. You will also find large creative markets with many offers in Augsburg, Berlin and Munich. Another name for the markets are hobby, artist or ideas markets. Finally, there is also the opportunity to visit a handicraft fair such as the fair in Augsburg.

4. You can buy gradient yarn in these wool outlets

In many larger cities in Germany there are outlets and factory outlets, of course also on the subject of wool. In Hamburg you will find the Hamburg wool factory. Special sales of remaining stock are also offered here.

In the Hamburg wool factory there is a large warehouse sale twice a year. There is also a factory outlet at Garnmanufaktur Niedersachsen. All over Lower Saxony you will find numerous outlet centers that you can visit.

The supplier of this wool (Textilwerk Aachen) in Aachen also offers a factory outlet For the region of Munich, Augsburg, Ulm, Donauwörth, Neuburg an der Donau and Landsberg, the company Wollofant.de offers a large warehouse sale of wool in Aindling.

You will also find cheap remaining stock and other special offers directly on site. You can order the wool online and then pick it up at the warehouse in Aindling.

There are fixed sales times for warehouse sales, which are regularly updated. On the website information about outlets you will find information about outlets in the whole of Germany.

5. You can buy gradient yarn in these online shops

You can view and order gradient yarn in many large and small online shops.

The well-known online shops include:

  • Garnmanufaktur.com
  • Gradient yarns.de
  • Trolle-und-wolle.de
  • Fischer-wolle.de
  • Hobbii.de
  • Vbs-hobby.com
  • Bobbel-scheune.de
  • Junghanswolle.de
  • Gradient yarn.eu
  • Bobbelmaniacs.com

Some shops offer their own color gradient configurator with which you can put together your own color gradient yarn. You can decide on the run length and the number of threads, whether the thread should be wound backwards, or you can order the thread for a thread dispenser.

This is how you can find out about the origin and quality of the yarn. In the customer gallery you can admire the creative pieces from other customers.

6. You can buy gradient yarn on Amazon and Ebay

You can buy the gradient yarn at sales portals on the Internet such as Amazon or Ebay. You can find it in the category crochet & knitting yarn, crochet, needlework or handmade. The yarns are sorted according to price categories, brands, the condition used / new as well as according to the colors and materials. You can see the bobbels from different perspectives.

You can find the gradient yarns on Ebay under the category Crafts and Art Supplies - Handicrafts - Yarns. Here you can choose your desired color from many different yarns. You can also choose the length of the ball of wool and the number of balls of wool.

If many yarns are bought at the same time, there is often also a discount. Private and commercial sellers sell on Ebay. The goods can be delivered to a collection point and shipping is free. Often several color gradient yarns are offered in one set.

7. This is how you can find gradient yarn from private individuals on the Internet

You can often buy gradient yarn from private individuals on the Internet via Facebook or Pinterest. Remnants from trade fairs or the like are very often offered here. Yarn auctions are also displayed.

Retailers or manufacturers also offer the gradient yarns on Facebook. You can take a close look at the yarns on the Facebook pages and get creative tips and fashion ideas from the community. Of course you will also find links to other suppliers of crochet and knitting yarn.

You get information about the quality of the yarn. You can determine the run length and number of threads yourself. You will also get tips on what you can crochet, knit and design with the gradient yarns.Via Pinterest you can also access the offers from various online shops on the subject of wool


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