How does the gradient yarn advent calendar work?

We at Chiemseegarn presented our gradient yarn Advent calendar for the first time in 2019 and your feedback was really overwhelmingly positive. However, some of you also had a few questions about our advent calendar, which is why we clarify the question in this blog article: How does the gradient yarn Advent calendar work?

Our advent calendar consists of three parts, instructions for a bobble and the box in which our gradient yarn advent calendar is nicely packaged. You can now pull your thread through an opening and start working the instructions. The special thing about it is that you can only knit up to the next knot, the next little door, so to speak. The colors that await you are a surprise every day.

In this post I will go into more detail on questions that have come up again and again and explain in detail which colors are available and what you can expect from our product.

Farbverlaufsgarn Adventskalender

This is how the gradient yarn Advent calendar


Our gradient yarn advent calendar works like a normal calendar in principle. Every day until December 24th, i.e. Christmas, you will get a little surprise. In our case, this is a new color of our yarn, which is wrapped in such a way that a new color is really waiting for you every day. The instructions are also specially adapted to the colors and color gradients contained in our calendars.

All the facts about the gradient yarn advent calendar:

  • 4-ply, 5-ply or 6-ply hand-wound gradient yarn
  • work a new color every day
  • what comes out is a surprise
  • There's a little surprise at Christmas

What instructions are there for the gradient yarn advent calendar?

The instructions that you will receive for our advent calendar are specially designed for the yarn contained in the advent calendar. So you don't have to worry that what you're knitting won't be anything, because you can see what it should be from the start. Only the color gradient, i.e. the overall appearance of your work, remains with you until December 24th. hidden.

But one thing is certain: our instructions, like every one of our products, are tried and tested and written and developed by our founder Birgit Wyss. It therefore contains detailed step-by-step instructions and is also well suited for beginners.

Until what date can I order the gradient yarn advent calendar?

Of course, an advent calendar only makes sense if you hold it in your hands on time for advent. That is why there are two dates that are important for you when ordering:

  • If you are by 25.11. order, we can guarantee that your gradient yarn advent calendar will arrive on time
  • If you arrive by 11/29 order, we will pull out all the stops to send you your advent calendar on time, but unfortunately we cannot guarantee it

The background is that we only manufacture all of our products when you place your order with us. We do not have any ready-made, pre-produced goods, only custom-made products. That's why we have to plan something before Advent, so the sooner you place your order, the better.

Which thread is in the gradient thread for the advent calendar?

In our advent calendar there is of course a bobble of our wonderful gradient yarns from our own production. Just like all our other yarns, these are only made for you when you order and carefully wound into a bobble. But there are a few peculiarities of the bobbles that come in our advent calendars.

That's what makes the Advent bobbles so special:

  • Christmas colors and color gradients
  • Exactly 24 nodules for every day of Advent, one
  • The gradient is secret, so it's a surprise
  • The color gradient changes 24 times until Christmas Eve

However, other properties of our Bobbel remain the same. This includes the composition of the 50% cotton / 50% polyacrylic yarn and the usual high, solid quality of our bobbles.

In which sizes is the gradient yarn advent calendar available?

Our advent calendar is available in two sizes, both of which are made in the same way, but differ in the thread thickness.


The small advent calendar contains a 4-ply gradient yarn with a length of 900 meters.


The large advent calendar contains a 4-ply gradient yarn with a length of 1200 meters.

Is the gradient yarn advent calendar also suitable for beginners?

It is very important to us that our advent calendars are suitable for everyone. That is why we have included instructions for beginners that enable everyone to take part in our advent calendar.

We understand that there are some of you who might prefer to work on something more difficult, but it is important to us that everyone has fun with our products and can participate in them, especially at Christmas time. That's why we decided on instructions that are understandable for everyone and easy to work with, but still deliver a great work.


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