Knitting pattern scarf: dragon tail and Co.

We have grown! "Püppi" has moved in and needs to be dressed. The first thing the lady gets is a beautiful dragon tail wrapped around her shoulders. The pattern is very simple and, as usually, a bit modified by me. You can find knitting instructions for this beautiful scarf HERE : I used about 1 1/2 skeins of this beautiful color gradient yarn: Color Flow by Ferner . I have already knitted x dragon scarves, many of them given away and I am always happy to see that they are really worn. I always find it nice that you can modify it: the jagged edges get bigger from small to big or small. As you like it best. And another advantage is that you just knit as long as the wool lasts - you have no leftovers. It's a lot of fun to knit and I think there will be quite a few more with me!


If you dare to do something completely different, I've also found something great for you. A very airy, delicate scarf that you can imagine with a top and jeans as well as over a light summer dress. Not in German, but I think you understand that - the video is made very understandable! It looks very interesting and it's not difficult to work with either. Could I imagine that with a gradient!

Or I think this part is also very beautiful - plain or with a color gradient. You can easily adjust it to the desired size or depending on the amount of wool you have. I imagine it to be very pretty over a light summer top or dress. Of course you can make it longer so that it is a warming part for the transition. Unfortunately I have not found any instructions for this, but it is easy to rework, certainly beautiful in any pattern, whether crocheted or knitted.

You could already start working on a suitable piece for your spring and summer wardrobe! Spring has already opened the door a little and is poking in.

I hope that I could give you some ideas and information!

Greetings and happy work

Your Birgit <3

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