Summery openwork patterns for knitting

What would knitting be without a real challenge? For experienced knitters, it has to be sophisticated patterns. And knitting beautiful, airy openwork patterns is a lot of fun. Try knitting a light summer sweater in such a pattern from the great Chiemsee yarns. You can be sure of admiring glances. The color gradient makes knitting even more exciting!

Find ajour pattern for free on the web

If you started knitting before the internet, you will remember: In the past, you could only get great knitting patterns if you bought women's magazines, specialist knitting magazines or entire instruction books. Today the knitting friends live in a true paradise. There are thousands of great patterns that can be found on the web for free.
Have you never knitted ajour pattern? Then it's time. You don't even have to knit a whole sweater in a lace pattern, it is enough, for example, to embellish the neckline with it.
You can easily find a small overview and suggestions of all the great ajour patterns on Pinterest. There you can also download the sample instructions at the same time:

Elegant lace pattern sweater with half sleeves

This feminine sweater can be knitted from a wide variety of yarns and is also suitable for evening wear. Then maybe choose black wool or shimmering lurex yarn. In colorful wool or gradient yarn, it looks elegant in summer and can be worn every day.
Underneath, you simply wear a contrasting top or one in the same color as the sweater. With its striking short cut with half-length sleeves, it cuts a great figure. The pattern is extremely filigree and of course demanding to knit.

Half-length tunic with a wide neckline

This shows you a lot of skin: the very holey pattern has a wonderful structure. A small peplum is surprising at the bottom, but you can leave it out, depending on your taste. The cut impresses with its casual length and wide neckline, as well as the ¾ sleeves. The crocheted edges are very beautiful and match perfectly.

Feel free to knit this sweater in striking colors or a distinctive gradient yarn. This goes well with summery trousers, leggings, but also narrow skirts.

Summery poncho sweater in asymmetrical cut

The asymmetrical cut is causing a sensation: Despite its extravagant cut, it is super pleasant and comfortable to wear and can also be easily combined. In terms of the cut, knitting is also no art at all: Basically, there are only two straight sections that are connected to one another. The pattern is more of a challenge, but it's worth the effort. The sweater is perfect for every summer day, but can also be worn over a bikini on the beach in the evening.

Ajour pattern for sexy insights

With ajour pattern you can spice up any simple sweater enormously. The hole pattern can be knitted in at the neckline or only on the back or on the sleeves or, as here, lengthways over the upper body in front and back. This pattern is particularly artistic and filigree.

If you don't want to allow so much insight, simply wear a shirt underneath. Holey passages also look very nice on the sleeves. Simply knit a wide passage with an ajour pattern from the shoulders to the edge of the arm.

Conclusion : Once you have started to deal with openwork patterns, you can hardly get away from it. Many patterns can also be combined with one another.It looks very nice if you knit the sleeves in a pattern and choose other patterns as a contrast for the front and back. Basically, there are no limits to your imagination. You can embellish any sweater that has been knitted on the right with passages of ajour pattern. In no time at all, the knitted fabric has a very feminine, delicate touch.

Ajour pattern sweaters also help you out of some embarrassments. Whenever you don't know what to wear, but still want to attract attention, they are a good choice. You can knit them from a wide variety of yarns, they always look different. Solid, glittering lurex yarns have proven their worth for the evening. During the day and simply for the summer, pure white is quite pretty, but also pastel tones. The ajour pattern sweaters with the gradient yarns from Chiemseegarn are really unique and spectacular. Please send us pictures of your works!

Tip: Even little girls like to wear lace-pattern sweaters over colorful shirts in summer!


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