Winter openwork pattern

Even in winter you can indulge in feminine or even sexy ajour patterns! Because knitted from cuddly wool and in a great color gradient from Chiemsee yarn, they look great at Christmas parties and meetings with friends. You choose how much skin you want to show for which occasion. Ajour patterns fit wonderfully into the season of festive occasions.

Feminine Ajourmuster für den Winter

What are openwork patterns? They are lace patterns that simply consist of the interplay of folds, stitches knitted together and stitches knitted out again. This is how magical, artistic works are created. They often look like intertwined leaves or flowers.

Turtleneck sweater with perforated cable pattern

This sweater is a real eye-catcher and it looks wonderfully slim and feminine, although it is a turtleneck. The gag are the extremely long cuffs and the really spectacular pattern, which leaves a lot of air, but also offers great large-format braids. A real challenge for experienced knitters! There are no instructions, but you can of course knit such a piece again! Just dare, you can still open it!

First of all, you have to keep the sweater short and narrow so that it looks so chic. The cuffs are approx. 1-14 cm high, also on the sleeves. The wool is relatively coarse and the rib knit pattern is unusually wide. There are about 6 stitches alternating on the right and left.

The cable pattern is also quite unusual. You can find a similar one here:

Instructions for a perforated cable pattern:

Youtube video with instructions for a similar pattern:

As you can see, the braids on this sweater are even artfully intertwined and new braids emerge from the side of the braids. That looks great, but it's also a bit risky. Because when you wear it, you easily pull threads in the holey areas and the great sweater may then dissolve. So rather choose a cable pattern that is not quite as holey! Washing and drying must also be done very carefully.

Cozy winter sweater in a delicate ajour pattern

Softly winterly - it goes well with the festive season or in the office every day. This ajour sweater has a classic pattern, but gets its modern touch from its wide neckline with wide rib knit. The pattern requires some practice and, most importantly, careful knitting. The hem is loose, which makes the sweater look particularly light and contemporary. You can knit this piece wonderfully from Chiemsee yarn.

Image plus instructions:

Wonderful patterns for special knitting fun

Experienced knitters always need new patterns that really challenge them. We have found something very special for you! This sweater contains really difficult patterns and is just a dream when finished. It fits all year round. Its complex structure patterns look wonderfully three-dimensional, so the fine Chiemsee yarn is just right for him. Knitted in thick wool would make it look too voluminous.

Ajour poncho for the whole season

This piece can also be worn all year round. For winter you choose warmer wool, for summer light.

The cut of the fashionable poncho is child's play to knit and looks so great when worn. It consists only of two rectangles sewn together. The challenge is of course again the ajour pattern, which is very effective when knitted crosswise. By the way: Ponchos are real figure flatterers and are something between a jacket and a sweater. Wear it with narrow pants or skirts and like boots.

Image plus instructions:

Stole in ajour pattern

This stole looks very effective in the evening with a chic dress or elegant top. The large-format perforated pattern makes it extremely delicate, but warms you up when you wrap the stole around your neck. If you want to show the beautiful pattern above all, you just put it once around your shoulders. The knitted fabric, as delicate as a scarf, also stays in shape because the edge has been crocheted. The pattern looks even better with the gradient wool from Chiemseegarn!


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