The right care for alpaca wool

Clothing made from alpaca wool is wonderfully soft, light and of course very elegant. In addition, the fibers are very robust and tear-resistant. So that it stays that way, you should pay attention to a few points during maintenance.

Alpakas auf Wiese

Washing is rarely required

The fibers of the alpaca wool have an antibacterial and dirt-repellent effect. Your sweaters, scarves or gloves made of this material naturally have a "protective layer". It ensures that the odor of sweat or other odors adhering to the garment is neutralized. So before you put the beautiful piece in the laundry basket, just let it air out overnight. This works best in moist air.

Wash in the washing machine

If you have a washing machine with a wool program and setting options for washing temperature and spin speed, nothing speaks against washing in the washing machine.

Please note:

  • maximum 30 degrees

  • Spin with a maximum of 400 revolutions

  • Better to leave the spinning completely and instead squeeze out the water by hand

The spinning promotes the felting of the wool, the more turns, the more naturally. So if you attach great importance to the fact that your alpaca wool clothing looks exactly the same as it did directly after knitting, then you should skip the spin cycle.

Hand wash alpaca wool

The gentlest wash for fluffy alpaca clothing is of course still hand wash. You can use either wool detergent or a mild shampoo for this. A small blob is enough. Slowly pull the garment through the water a few times and soak it briefly. Under no circumstances rub the fibers together, otherwise nodules will form.

For more stubborn dirt, you can treat the stain with a little gall soap. But here too: Don't rub the surface, just soak it.

Then rinse with warm water, wrap the garment in a towel and carefully squeeze out the water.

Drying: do not hang up! Never put in the dryer!

As with other pieces of wool, you shouldn't hang up clothes made of alpaca wool after washing to prevent them from warping. Pull the piece into shape a little and dry it lying on the clothes horse.

Also keep this in mind when drying:

  • Avoid direct sunlight

  • Never put in the dryer

  • Do not dry on or on the heater

Tips for storing alpaca clothing

Like other animal fibers, alpaca wool is also very rich in protein and is therefore particularly attractive to moths. Either you keep the things in a foil or you use scents to scare away the moths. Lavender or cedar wood work particularly well. But bay leaves, cloves, orange peel or cinnamon should also help to scare away the little, unloved creatures.

Alpaca wool at Birgit's Wollmarkt

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